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Notre Histoire

Doctor Jean-Claude Mainguy (Doctor of Medicine in 1985 at the University of Caen) was born in France in 1943 from a line of sailors exploring the world.


Passionate about medicine, he travelled the world throughout his life to find answers to medical questions that remained unsolved in the West. He travelled to China, Congo, Russia, Mexico, etc. and then created the B.E.R.B., "Bureau d'Etude et de Recherche en Biophysique" with a team of specialists in biophysics as well as in plant and molecular biology. In 1997 he published his first research results in cancerology.


In 2002, he moved to Switzerland, joined by his son, Antoine, and created the "Centre for Integrative Medicine (BAAC)" which is dedicated to "Preventive and Curative Medicine". The aim is, of course, to treat, but above all, to avoid disease.


This is when father and son created SWISS MARC, whose objective is to develop treatments that combine what nature produces when it is respected with the most advanced scientific discoveries. Indeed, the various experiments carried out in the laboratory prove that this is the only way to "talk to the cells" and to restore their "vitality" in a lasting way.


For "modern man cannot do without science, but life cannot do without nature."


Mr Antoine and Dr. Jean-Claude MAINGUY


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